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ThinkMoney Banking Card Review - Think Money Prepaid Card

ThinkMoney Banking Card Review - Think Money Prepaid Card

Think Money prepaid card reviewed as I am a long time user of Think money prepaid debit MasterCard and it has helped me to manage my money very smartly. Unlike other prepaid cards here, you get the Thinkmoney prepaid debit MasterCard after opening a personal account with Think money.

Think money issues its prepaid cards also to people with bad credit history. This card is issued by R. Raphael and sons plc., pursuant to license from MasterCard International Incorporated.

With Think money, you get a lot more than your personal account and your Thinkmoney prepaid card. Actually, you are able to enjoy a professional and personalised service designed especially according to you in order to help you to make the best use out of your money without facing any problems. Thereby the expert money managers at Think money are always ready to help you to manage your money efficiently.

Think money opens two accounts for you that are one your salary account and the other is your Thinkmoney prepaid card account. With this, I always am on my tips knowing exactly what my financial standing is after deducting all my regular monthly bills that to be paid from my salary.

The monthly bills that I have to pay every month after being paid off then the remaining amount of my salary transferred to my card, making it more easy for me to access my funds thereupon. With this system of functioning, you need not even bother of top loading your card and paying fees for the funds that you top up in your think money account card. The financial experts give me full guidance and support in managing my funds after paying off all the utility bills that I have mentioned to them at the start while opening my account.

Top Up Information

Think Money

When you reload your Think Money Prepaid Card sometimes you charged a small fee, depending on the method, however, nearly all the providers offer at least one free reload option. So, Top-up fees are FREE OF CHARGE using the following top-up providers or methods:

Free Top Up Charges ChargesTimescales
Bank Transfer

Free of charge


Card Load Limits

Maximum Card Limit:
Maximum Load Amount:
£2000.00 (bank transfer)
Minimum Load Amount:£10.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawal:

Usage Charges

Some cards have usage charges and these charges vary depending on what card you have selected. Also, The charges can apply from transactions to ATM withdrawals and some cards have none at all. Hence, Here is a list of usage charges for the above-mentioned Think Money prepaid card.

Card Issue Fee:£14.50
Additional Cards:££14.50
Annual Fee:Free
Transaction Fees the UK:Free
Foreign Exchange Fees:2.75%
Monthly Service Fee:£14.50
ATM Charge UK:Free per ATM cash withdrawal in the UK
ATM Charge Abroad:£1.50 per ATM withdrawal internationally
Cancellation / Redemption:£14.50
Replacement Card Fees:£14.50

Balance Enquiry

By SMS / Text Message:£0.10
By Phone:Free
Via the Internet:Free

How to Apply

Think Money prepaid card

You have chosen to apply for a Think Money prepaid card. So, please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely approved. Please ensure that:

  • You at least 18 years of age.
  • You a permanent resident/citizen of the UK.
  • Card £14.50

Please note that until payment made and identity confirmed your prepaid Think Money account not open.

How to Pay?

Pay now - The fastest and easiest way to pay is by debit card or credit card. Make a simple one-off payment whilst signing up. Also, The confirmed highly secure website, with a card and personal details, protected.

Pay later - If you prefer to pay by cash. Choose pay by cash by bank transfer when you apply. So, Send an amount in sterling to their account with your card reference, they will contact you when it received when the amount loaded to your card.

These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for the Think Money Prepaid card. Also, Please ensure you read their terms and conditions and see a full list of charges.
Consequently, The decision to accept only made by Think Money after they have taken your details. Also, confirmed your ID and received payment.

Company Details

Think Money

Think Money
thinkmoney Limited Think Park Mosley Road Trafford Park Manchester M17 1FQ

Tel: 08000 747 772

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