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Spark Card Review - Instant MasterCard Prepaid Credit Card

Spark Card Review - Instant MasterCard Prepaid Credit Card

Spark prepaid card is a prepaid MasterCard from prepaid financial services. This Spark card designed especially for people who are regularly sending money overseas. This card used worldwide in over 34 million locations. And also at all those places where the logo of MasterCard shown with the indication of the acceptance of the MasterCard.

Consequently, Spark Card perfectly suitable for two types of people. One those who want to manage their wages in a more secure way. And the other those business people who won't have a proper budgeting of their personal and business expenses both. So, The users of Spark Prepaid Card proudly admit the card for them for helping them to shop online in a fully secured way. They find that Spark Prepaid MasterCard made very convenient. And easy for them to send money to their family and friends abroad.

This Spark Card easily used in stores, online purchases and also used for purchases made on phones. Top loading of the Spark Card also very easy as it loaded at selected pay zones or any post office branch. More interesting that Spark Prepaid MasterCard loaded with SMS.

Depositing of your wages in your Spark Prepaid MasterCard is done for free and with this. You are never messed up with any petty cash related matters too. Apart from wages, there is just a very minimum fee charged for top loading your Spark Prepaid MasterCard. The balance in your card is uploaded instantly.

To get the Spark Prepaid MasterCard it very easy as you just need to apply online. Which would just take your few minutes and later after a week you get your card.

Top Up Information

Spark Card

When you reload your Spark Card sometimes charged a small fee, depending on the method. However, nearly all the providers offer at least one free reload option. Top up fees are FREE OF CHARGE using the following top-up providers or methods:

Free Top Up Charges ChargesTimescales
Bank Transfer

Free of charge


Top Up options that are charged

SMS/Internet Debit Card load£1.00 Instantly
SMS/Internet Credit Card load2.5% Instantly
Ukash Voucher6% Instantly
Payzone£2.00 Instantly
Post Office£2.00 Instantly
Load Card by Voucher£2.00 Instantly

Card Load Limits

Maximum Card Limit:
£2000.00 - (£7000.00 Spark 'plus')
Maximum Load Amount:
£2000.00 - (£7000.00 spark 'plus')
Minimum Load Amount:£10.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawal:

Maximum of 3 top-ups allowed per day.

Usage Charges

Some cards have usage charges and these charges vary depending on what card you have selected. The charges can apply from transactions to ATM withdrawals and some cards have none at all! Here a list of usage charges for the above mentioned Spark Prepaid MasterCard.

Card Issue Fee:£10.00
Additional Cards:£5.00
Annual Fee:Free
Transaction Fees UK:Free
Foreign Exchange Fees:3%
Monthly Service Fee:£2.50
ATM Charge UK:£1.50 per ATM cash withdrawal in the UK
ATM Charge Abroad:£2.50 per ATM withdrawal internationally
Cancellation / Redemption: £20.00
Monthly inactivity fee (after 90 days of inactivity) £5.00
Replacement Card Fees:£5.00

Balance Enquiry

By SMS / Text Message: £0.10
By Phone:Free
Via the Internet:Free

How to Apply

Spark Prepaid MasterCard

You have chosen to apply for a Spark prepaid MasterCard. Please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely approved. Please ensure that:

  • You at least 18 years of age
  • You a permanent resident/citizen of the UK
  • Card £10

I feel that Spark Prepaid Card has added a sparking thrill for me to purchase. And send money overseas without any tensions and at the same time. I know to easily manage by budgets too. It has also become very easier for me now to pay off my monthly bills through Spark Prepaid MasterCards.

It also protects the identity along with keeping my bank details safe as not linked to any bank account. I know very well as to what is my limit of spending which means the amount that loaded in the card. The only amount for which you use this card for.

This limit actually enables me to manage money properly as the money that loaded and only spent. I have started making all my business expenses through this card because it also maintains the records of all the expenses which I no more need to make them.

Also, The chip and the pin of the card reduce the chances of fraud. And so does it also keeps my money safe this way. It also easy to stop the card blocked by just a mere SMS. In case you lost the card or if someone has stolen it.

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Spark Prepaid MasterCard

Spark Prepaid MasterCard
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Tel: +44 (0)207 127 6515

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