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Skrill Card Review is a Contactless Prepaid MasterCard

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Skrill Card Review is a Contactless Prepaid MasterCard

Skrill Review

Skrill prepaid cards or more popularly known as the Moneybookers MasterCard is very well known among the people who use or have knowledge about online money matters. It is a reloadable prepaid card which allows you to manage your money and make savings as well. Also, you have the benefits of sharing your money with family members or to send it overseas in form of payments.

Though the Moneybookers MasterCard is limited only to the UK citizens/residents but the services they provide at the relatively low cost has made it a popular choice.

Skrill Card Review

The process is also hassling free in terms of formalities. You can simply register through their website and apply for a Moneybookers MasterCard and provide all the details. You need to meet their three – point criteria to be an applicant.

Apart from being a UK citizen or resident you also need to be 18 years or older. Along with this it is easier if you preload your card with £10 while submitting your application. This pushes up your application and signifies that you are a genuine applicant in their system.

Top Up Information

Skrill Card

Skrill MasterCard

When topping up your prepaid travel money card you may be charged a small fee, depending on the method, however most cards offer at least one free reload option.

Top up fees are FREE OF CHARGE using the following top up providers or methods:

Free Top Up ChargesChargesTimescales
Maestro/SoloFree of chargeInstant
BankFree of charge1 business day
BacsFree of charge1 business day
Standing orderFree of charge1 Business day
ChequeFree of chargeOnce funds clear

Card Load Limits

Maximum Card Limit:€2500.00
Maximum Load Amount:€1000.00
Minimum Load Amount:€10.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawal:€250.00

Usage Charges

Skrill Prepaid Card

Most travel money cards have usage charges but the charges vary depending on what card you have selected. In some cases there are no charges at all, but they can apply from transactions to ATM withdrawals.

Here is a list of usage charges for the above mentioned card.

Card Issue Fee:€10 deposit
Additional Cards:N/A
Annual Fee:€10
Transaction Fees:Free in same card currency
Transaction Fees:1.99% when used in different currency
Monthly Service Fee:Free
ATM Charge in currency:€1.80 per ATM cash withdrawal
ATM Charge different currency: €1.80 per ATM cash withdrawal
Cancellation / Redemption:€10.00
Replacement Card Fees:


Balance Enquiry

By SMS / Text Message: N/A
By Phone:€0.10
Via the Internet:Free

Skrill take a £10 deposit on purchase, the £10 is refunded on your first load making it a free travel money card.

How to Apply

Skrill Prepaid Card Review

You have chosen to apply for a Skrill prepaid card, please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely to be approved. Please ensure that:

  • You are at least 18 years of age
  • Skrill card is only available to residents of authorized European Economic Area (EEA) countries
  • Skrill takes a £10 deposit on the purchase, the £10 is refunded on your first load making it a free travel money card.

Please note that until payment is made your Skrill account will not be opened.

For Skrill security purposes, You need to activate your account card before you can start using it.
To activate your card you simply log in to your Skrill Account and click on Skrill Card in the Account Overview section. Then verify the requested details to complete the process.

These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for Skrill card. Please ensure you read their terms and conditions and see a full list of charges.

The decision to accept will only be made by Skrill prepaid card after they have taken your details, confirmed your ID and received payment.

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