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Neteller Prepaid Card Australia - Net+ Australian Dollar Card

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Neteller Prepaid Card Australia - Net+ Australian Dollar Card

Neteller Australian Dollar Card

Prepaid Purchasing with Neteller Net+ Australian Dollar Card
With the world moving so fast, and technology making physical and paper transactions obsolete, it has never been easier to make online purchases from the comfort of your home. However, it can be difficult to always trust faceless businesses and customer service.If privacy and security issues are the main concern for you when you’re online shopping, your solution is Neteller. Neteller is an online platform that helps you keep and move money online safely and securely. Available in over 200 countries worldwide, Neteller Net+ Australian Dollar Card is operated by Paysafe Financial Services Limited. And you keep 100% of your money.In the simplest terms, Neteller works as an online prepaid debit and credit service, where you load funds from your debit or credit accounts and these loaded funds are from where you make your online purchases.
So instead of having to give websites and businesses direct access to your credit card information, you can pay through Neteller, keeping your financial information confidential.

Top Up Information

Net+ Prepaid Card Australia

When you reload your Net+ Australia prepaid travel card sometimes you will be charged a small fee, depending on the method, however nearly all the providers offer at least one free reload option.

Top up fees are FREE OF CHARGE using the top up providers or methods:

Free Top Up ChargesChargesTimescales
Instant bank deposit (POLI)Free of chargeInstant
Instant Bank Deposit (Ideal)Free of chargeInstant
SofortuberweisungFree of chargeInstant
UkashFree of chargeInstant
DineroMallFree of charge1 - 5 Business days
Giropay Instant Transfer1.5%Instant
Credit Card1.75%Instant
Debit Card1.75%Instant
International bank transfer1.75%2 - 3 business days
Local Bank Deposit1.75%2 - 5 business days

Card Load Limits

Maximum Card Limit:16,000.00 AUD over a 4 day period
Maximum Load Amount:10,000.00 AUD over a 4 day period
Minimum Load Amount:20.00 AUD
ATM Maximum Withdrawl:1200.00 AUD

Usage Charges

Neteller Prepaid Card Australia

Some cards have usage charges and these charges vary depending on what card you have selected. The charges can apply from transactions to ATM withdrawals and some cards have none at all!

Here is a list of usage charges for the above mentioned card.

Card Issue Fee:Free
Additional Cards:N/A
Anual Fee:Free
Transaction Fees:Free
Foreign exchange Fees:2.95%
Monthly Service Fee:Free
ATM Charge UK:6.00 AUD per ATM cash withdrawal
ATM Charge abroad:2.95% per cash withdrawal abroad
Cancellation / Redemption: 20.00 AUD
Replacement Card Fees:

20.00 AUD

Balance Enquiry
By SMS / Text Message: N/A
By Phone:Long distance charges will apply
Via the Internet:Free

How to Apply

Net+ Australian Dollar Card

Sign up only takes a few minutes, with just a few spaces to include your information and identity.
You don’t need to add any credit card information as Neteller works directly with banks.
To know more about Neteller’s Australian Dollar Card, follow this list of pros and cons.

Net+ Australian Dollar Card Pros?

  1. Manage money better: visually see everything organized like an online banking system with access to your transaction history.
  2. Safety: transactions go through trusted levels/institutions so hackers have a harder time getting your information and identity. Neteller has so many security perks and patches to keep your money, account, and information safe and secure as well.
  3. The way you pay doesn’t change: pay online the same way as nothing really changes besides the fact that you don’t add credit card information during your payment options at a website so and there’s the added safety of trusted expertise of Neteller handling your purchases.
  4. Purchasing disputes can be handled through Neteller rather than directly with businesses.
  5. Neteller partners with over 200 countries and a plethora of industries across the globe: you can pay with Neteller on thousands of your favourite and trusted websites and online stores.
  6. Sign up is completely free, quick, and easy.
  7. Neteller is perfect for moments when your credit card is declined or your specific card isn’t accepted as a form of payment on a particular website.
  8. Bad credit history doesn’t play a factor.
  9. Transactions become easier and quicker to fulfil as your Neteller information can be saved in your favourite online store's databases.
  10. You can save and load funds onto Neteller in any way imaginable, regardless of whether specific websites you like accept those forms of payment.
  11. Neteller keeps more than 100% of your account balance in trust accounts, so your money is always there when you need it.
  12. Can choose your preferred currency

Net+ Australian Dollar Card Cons?

  1. Added account added info: it is another account you have to make and keep track of.
  2. Can be personally difficult to manage your finances if credit history isn’t in good standing in all, Neteller has proven to be the safest payment system in the world. And while it is another account to keep track of, the added benefits and security of paying through Neteller far outweigh any minor cons.

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Net+ Australian Dollar Card

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Net+ Australian Dollar Card
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