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icount Account Review - Prepaid Bank Account with direct debits

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icount Account Review - Prepaid Bank Account with direct debits

icount Account

The icount Card is a prepaid MasterCard card which does not offer credit but can still be used at over 30 million locations worldwide wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. The Card is issued to you by Newcastle Building Society. Your prepaid card can be loaded directly from your employer or any bank transfer. Any extra cash you may have can be used to top up at a PayPoint location or any Post Office branch. This allows you to use it knowing you have the money in hand Your icount card can be used to:

icount Card Review
  • Withdraw money from over 1.5m cash machines worldwide
  • Buy groceries, petrol etc in most shops
  • Top up your mobile phone from cash machines
  • Shop on the internet including eBay
  • Make flight and hotel reservations
  • Pay bills
  • icount offers Free unlimited purchases which are ideal for everyday use with Free Purchase Protection and you can have your salary paid on your account.

    In sum, the benefits of this prepaid card are:• Easy to apply and available to anyone over 18 years of age. • Money saving deals for customers. • The card can be used in every place where they accept MasterCard, • It has 24 hours customer service. • It´s accepted online. • The account number and sort code are generated immediately after being accepted. • Offers additional cardholders to be added to the card. • Prepaid MasterCard that helps build credit rating using credit builder. The Creditbuilderis certainly a noteworthy feature of the iCount prepaid credit card. A credit rating is currently a way to get certain deals and services and we should be very aware of the need to have a good credit rating if you are thinking about getting a loan, a credit or even a mortgage. So if you are disciplined and need to improve your credit rating make sure to check out this additional feature of the iCount prepaid MasterCard.One of the advantages of the iCount card and the credit builder feature is that it starts reporting positively to the credit agencies after a certain number of payments. Basically, a good management of this card will indicate the credit agencies that you are a good bet because you can manage our finances in a responsible manner and this ends up definitely being an amazing way to rebuild a damaged credit history or to start building a positive one from scratch.So, find out about the requirements to apply and start thinking about the benefits this prepaid master card has to offer.

    Top Up Information

    icount Card

    Top up fees are fees that you need to pay in order to top up your ***icount credit card*** prepaid with extra funds..... Top up fees are FREE OF CHARGE using the following top up providers or methods:

    Free Top Up ChargesChargesTimescales
    Debit CardFree of chargeInstantly
    WagesFree of charge1 - 3 business days
    Post OfficeFree of chargeWithin 30 mins
    BankFree of charge1 business day
    Cashplus RetailersFree of chargeWithin 30 mins
    Top Up options that are charged
    Epay Retailers£3.00 Approx 30 Mins

    Payee name: APS Customer Payment Account
    Account number: 10230643 - 8 digit account number
    Sort code: 15-20-25 - 6 digit sort code
    Payment ref – the 16 digit number across the front of your card

    Card Load Limits
    Maximum Card Limit:£5000.00
    Maximum Load Amount:£5000.00
    Minimum Load Amount:£10.00
    Maximum ATM Withdrawal:£400.00

    icount credit card prepaid card. icount Account is an alternative to a bank account and is subject to T & C's including applicant providing acceptable ID, being a resident in the UK & aged 18 years+. icount Prepaid Card & usage fees apply.

    Usage Charges

    Prepaid Bank Account with direct debit

    Usage charges for your card are charges that you need to pay when you use your prepaid card in when making purchases or taking out money at ATM's or banks....

    Card Issue Fee:£4.95 (sms £5.00
    Additional Cards:£4.95
    Annual Fee:Free
    Transaction Fees UK:Free
    Foreign Exchange Fees:Free
    Monthly Service Fee:£9.95 monthly fee
    ATM Charge UK:£0.50 per ATM cash withdrawal in the UK
    ATM Charge Abroad:£1.50 per cash withdrawal using abroad
    Cancellation / Redemption: £10.00
    Replacement Card Fees:£5.00
    Balance Enquiry
    By SMS / Text Message: Only charged by phone operator
    By Phone:£0.10 per minute
    Via the Internet:Free

    Review icount Credit Card with Credit builder facility is included free in your monthly subscription icount only where you must complete the application and pay the application fee. Once your icount Credit Card can then be activated and ready to use.

    Review icount Credit Card so you can apply for an icount Account is an alternative to a bank account and is subject to T & C's including applicant providing acceptable ID, being a resident in the UK & aged 18 years+. Prepaid Card & usage fees apply.

    How to Apply

    Prepaid Bank Account with direct debits

    About iCount prepaid Mastercard.

    Prepaid cards are an easy way to start building a credit history and score and to take advantage of the model they have to offer that is a really good option for students and for people who can´t access a traditional credit card in an easy manner. There is a lot of them available in the market right now, but we want to focus today on the iCount, prepaid MasterCard, how to apply to get one and the way this prepaid card can help improve your credit rating.

    The iCount prepaid MasterCard is one of the best options currently available because of the easy way it can be used, because it has worldwide functionality and because it can act as a debit or a credit card. This means that (it doesn´t matter if you use this card as a debit or credit card) all you have to do is load them up with funds that will be available to use even internationally.

    The funds can be loaded at any Post Office or by BACS transfer and, after that, the card can be used just like any other debit or credit card. One of the great advantages of this prepaid card is that anyone over the age of 18 can apply and be accepted without regard to credit quality and it serves as a perfect manner to start building a credit record.

    The basic requirements to apply for this card are: You must be at least 18 years old, provide an identity verification document and a verifiable address and pay a small fee.

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