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GoHenry Card Review - Go Henry Under 18'S Prepaid Cards

GoHenry Card Review - Go Henry Under 18'S Prepaid Cards

Go Henry Review

GoHenry Under 18'S Prepaid Credit Card is ideal as a parent I can understand that our children and managing finances by them is a concern of every parent. We want our children to understand and use their pocket money smartly. So are we always engrossed with the thought so as to assure that our children staying abroad are using the money send by us to them in a wise manner. We always worry that they should not over spend and also not spend money on wrong things. We want them to learn savings. This concern is not only for those children who are staying away from us rather it is simultaneously for those children also who are staying along with us.

GoHenry Under 18'S Prepaid Card
My concern of how to train my children regarding managing money was bothering me and I really was worried as children in modern days are attracted to so many things and have never ending wants. They do not agree to what is called savings. But all these worries came to an end when I joined goHenry on my friend introducing to me. goHenry card is a combination of Go-Henry web based and Gohenry mobile app with a prepaid debit card with complete parental controls.

It’s since then till date that I feel myself to be a very lucky go person to have got acquainted with such a wonderful and mind blowing site. goHenry teaches our children the simple, safe manner in which they can manage their money. It makes 8 to 18 year old children handle money on their own and manage it with confidence. The traditional belief of goHenry in context of the value of money in regards to money should be earned saved and spent wisely. goHenry does not believe in debt and especially not at all for the children and teenagers and hence it inculcates the same values and beliefs in our children and teenagers in fun style.

GoHenry Under 18'S Prepaid Credit Card
At the same time everything is controlled by the parents. Every child’s approach and limit of pocket money is tailor-made according to the parents. Under goHenry parents have complete hold in their hand to set rules and limits of pocket money to their children. Parents can also set some tasks and chores for their children to earn extra money. With this prepaid card the child have got full independence to spend his money but this is done at the same time under the watchful eye of his parents being aware where his child spends his money. goHenry prepaid card entitles the child the amount only to the extent that is printed on the card and hence there is no risk of debts or overdraw, the child remains in his limits only.
The online account of the parent and the linked account of each child which enables the parent to keep the full track of the
All these services of goHenry prepaid card can be availed on payment of monthly charge that is to be paid by the parents and not the child. It has no overdraft facility and can also be cancelled at any time without any extra fees. goHenry prepaid credit card can be used by the child abroad also at an extra charge for the abroad spending.

According to me every parent should go for this goHenry cards and have a hassle free pocket money for both themselves and children thereby making them to learn to manage their money wisely.

Top Up Information

GoHenry Card

Reload OptionsCost of ServiceTimescales to hit Prepaid Account
Reload by Debit Card£0.50Instantly hits account
Reload by BankFree1 - 3 days
Max Prepaid Card Limit:£6000.00

Max Pre paid Card Load Amount:£500.00Min Pre paid Card Load Amount:£10.00Max ATM Prepaid Withdrawal:£120.00

Usage Charges

GoHenry Prepaid Card

Prepaid Card Application Fee:£2.49
Additional Cards:£3.95
Purchases in UK:Free
Using your card overseas purchases:2.75%
Monthly Service Fee:Free for the first two months then £2.49
ATM fees in UK:Fee free
ATM fees overseas:£2.00 per ATM withdrawal overseas
Close accountFree

Prepaid Card Balance Enquiry

SMS Alerts £0.25
Telephone Banking:£0.10 per minute
Online BankingFree

How to Apply

Go Henry Charges

The decision to accept will only be made by GoHenry prepaid debit card once they have taken your details, confirmed your ID and received payment. You could have your prepaid card with new sort code and account number in seconds and your prepaid MasterCard will be delivered 5 to 7 days later.

To apply for your new GoHenry under 18's prepaid Card account simply complete the short application below and GoHenry will open the account for you instantly. You must be at least 8 to 18 years of age to apply for this account.

  • Please select your title.
  • First name is required.
  • Last name is required.
  • Please enter a valid email address.
  • Please enter either home or mobile number.
  • Terms and Conditions apply. Please read and agree to them.
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    goHenry Member Services Abbey House 282 Farnborough Road Farnborough GU14 7NA

    Tel: 0330 100 7676

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