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FairFX Card Pound to Euro Rate- Fair FX Euro Card Review

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FairFX Card Pound to Euro Rate-  Fair FX Euro Card Review

FairFX Card Review

The FairFX Euro Card is quite simply the best way to carry funds to the Euro Zone. Enjoy 0% transaction fees and 0% management fees while locking in our market-leading exchange rates, so you always know exactly what you're spending!

  • Lock in the best exchange rates when you load your euro card.
  • Load your euro card when the rate suits.
  • FairFX card charge a fixed €1.50 per ATM withdrawal in the UK and overseas*. There are no other per-transactions fees, no fees at all apply at point of sale.

FairFX euro cards are a step forward in how consumers spend money at home or abroad, whether for travel, business or even via the internet. FairFX cards save consumers up to 10% on their travel currency and up to 5% on the cost of using their UK debit/credit cards.

As a FairFX card holder, you will literally be getting business level rates of foreign exchange rather than the inferior rates available at airports, bureaux de changes, banks and even other internet sites. FairFX euro cards provide you with great value, convenience and security.

Top Up Information

FairFX Euro Card

When topping up your prepaid travel money card you may be charged a small fee, depending on the method, however most cards offer at least one free reload option.

Top up fees are FREE OF CHARGE using the folllowing top up providers or methods:

Free Top Up ChargesChargesTimescales
Debit CardFree of charge1 business day
Credit Card1.5%1 business day
WagesFree of charge1 - 3 business days
SMSFree of charge1 business day
BankFree of charge1 - 3 business day
Standing OrdersFree of charge1 - 3 business days
To set up a payment into your Fairfx Account please use the sort code and account number provided to you upon successful application. There are several ways in which you can put funds into your account:

BACS Transfers: Regular payments such as your salary, wages or benefits can be made by BACS transfer.

Your Wages and Income: When you open your Account, have your salary, wages or benefits paid into your account. From then on, your income can be paid directly into your account by electronic transfer

Paying in Cash at Payzone: Pay cash into your Current Account free of charge at over 20,000 participating Payzone retail outlets and in the majority of cases, it will be credited to your account the very next day, providing it is paid in before 10.00pm.

Paying in at Barclays and other banks: Cash and cheques can be paid in free of charge over the counter at any branch of Barclays Bank, using our paying in slips. (cash and cheques paid in at Barclays take 7 full working days to clear, and will clear at 5pm on the 7th working day). You can also pay cash and cheques in over the counter at most high street banks but they will charge for this service and the clearing times will be the same.

Card Load Limits
Maximum Card Limit:£5000.00
Maximum Load Amount:£2400.00
Minimum Load Amount:£10.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawl:£250.00

Usage Charges

Fair FX Euro Card

Most travel money cards have usage charges but the charges vary depending on what card you have selected. In some cases there are no charges at all, but they can apply from transactions to ATM withdrawals.
Here is a list of usage charges for the above mentioned card.

Card Issue Fee:Free
Additional Cards:£6.00
Minimum Load:60 euros
Transaction Fees Euros:Free transaction fee
Foreign Exchange Fees Elsewhere: Free transaction fee
Monthly Service Fee:Free
ATM Charge Euros:1.50 euros per atm withdraw
ATM Charge Elsewhere:1.50 euros per atm withdraw
Cancellation / Redemption:£2.00
Replacement Card Fees:


Balance Enquiry
By SMS / Text Message: £0.10
By Phone:£0.10 per minute
Via the Internet:Free

How to Apply

FairFX Euro Everywhere Card

You have chosen to apply for a Fairfx Euro card, please ensure you meet the following points as this will make your application more likely to be approved. Please ensure that

You are at least 18 years of age.
You are a permanent resident/citizen of the UK
Card is FREE when you preload £10 to get your card
Please note that until payment is made your Fairfx euro account will not be opened.

How to Pay.
Pay now - The fastest and easiest way to pay is by debit card or credit card. Make a simple one off payment whilst signing up. Confirmed highly secure website, with card and personal details protected.
Pay later - If you prefer to pay by cash. Choose pay by cash by bank transfer when you apply. Send an amount in sterling to their account with your card reference, they will contact you when it is received and advise when the amount is loaded to your euro card.
These points are simply a guide to the minimum acceptance criteria for the Fairfx. Please ensure you read their terms and conditions and see a full list of charges.
The decision to accept will only be made by Fairfx euro cards after they have taken your details, confirmed your ID and received payment.

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Company Details

FairFX Euro Card

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FairFX Euro Card
2nd Floor, Marc House, 13-14 Great St. Thomas Apostle, London, EC4V 2BB

Tel: +44 (0) 1753 775961

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FairFX Euro Card

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