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Cashplus Pay As You Go Credit Card- Cash Plus PAYG Credit Cards

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Cashplus Pay As You Go Credit Card- Cash Plus PAYG Credit Cards

Cashplus Pay As You Go Credit Card

Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard is a very popular brand name in the United Kingdom and it is one of the most trusted and secured methods available nowadays. There are many benefits of using a Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard and a few of them are very unique in the market meaning either no company or a very few select companies offer these services which has helped Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard to create a place for themselves in a very short time in such a competitive market. Online prepaid card services and remittance market is known to be very competitive not just because of so many companies coming up but also because it is a technology aided market which is constantly updating to better features and benefits. Every other day a new feature is introduced which attracts more and more people to this market. Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard's have been able to maintain their stature in this market very well.

Cashplus Flexiplus Pay As You Go Credit Cards
The major reason for this is the categorization of their cards which is a simplified approach to prepaid cards. They have divided their card services into various categories so that every person can get a card that suits his/her needs or requirements and doesn’t create a hole in the pocket as well. Starting from a very basic card the services even range to business specialized cards. A very popular choice of Cashplus Prepaid MasterCard among students and teenagers is the Cashplus Flexiplus Prepaid MasterCard. The name itself denotes that the scheme is very flexible with all its options i.e. paying, shopping, usage etc. so that the users who use the prepaid card services occasionally can also benefit from the card.

Cashplus Pay As You Go

It is mostly targeted at students and teenagers who occasionally use the prepaid card when living in hostels, going out on trips or staying away from families. Most cards come on a monthly fee which would prove quite expensive for occasional users, hence, keeping this in mind the Cashplus company introduced the Flexiplus MasterCard which comes with a ‘Pay as you Go’ policy which means there’s no monthly fee and all you need to do is pay a small transaction fee with each transaction or purchase you make. This makes the prepaid card service very affordable and beneficial at the same time.

Top Up Information

Cashplus Flexiplus Card

Free Reload OptionsCost of ServiceTimescales to hit Prepaid Account
Reload by Debit CardFreeInstantly hits account
Reload by WagesFree1 - 3 days
Reload by BankFree1 day
Reload by Cashplus OutletsFree30 Mins to hit account
Reload by Post OfficeFree30 Mins to hit account

Reload options where fees are charged

Cashplus Activeplus loading limits

Max Prepaid Card Limit:£5000.00
Max Pre paid Card Load Amount:£5000.00
Min Pre paid Card Load Amount:£10.00
Max ATM Prepaid Withdrawal:£400.00

Usage Charges

Cashplus Pay As You Go Card

Prepaid Card Application Fee:£9.95
Additional Cashplus Cards:£4.95
Prepaid Card Annual Fee:Free
Purchases in UK:£0.99
Using your card overseas purchases:2.99%
Monthly Service Fee:Free
ATM fees in UK:£2.00 per ATM withdrawal in UK
ATM fees overseas:£3.00 per ATM withdrawal overseas
Cashplus Cancel charge £10.00
Cashplus Replacement Card Fees:£9.95

Prepaid Card Balance Inquiry

SMS Alerts £0.25
Telephone Banking:£0.10 per minute
Online BankingFree

How to Apply

Cashplus PAYG Card

The days when we had to carry money everywhere are long gone. The invention of the credit card has revolutionized the way people interact with their money. A credit card is a safe, convenient way to carry your money. The Cashplus Pay As You Go Card is the sole fully branded MasterCard that you can find in Britain. It has a pin and a chip and can be used in 28 million destinations around the globe. You don't have to worry if you don't have a bank account or if you have poor credit history.

The Cashplus team accepts everyone. Even though Cash plus is not a bank, they offer a current account and have issued over 1,800,000 cards since they started the company.

You need to follow a few easy steps to create a Cashplus business or personal account.
The application is done online whereby you fill in your details and upload electronic copies of your documents.
These documents include a copy of your passport, Driver’s License, EEA member state card, tenancy agreement from a housing association or council, among other documents.
Some of the documents must be certified for verification to be done.
The photos should be clear and all documents legible.
The Cashplus team reviews the application while verifying all your details.
This process usually takes about five business days and once approved, your Cashplus Pay as you go card is sent to you.

For people opening an account on behalf of a limited liability partnership or a partnership, all partners' documents have to be submitted.
After you've been sent your card, you now have access to unlimited funds to come to your aid in times of need.
Cashplus has enjoyed continuous success for the past six years and they continue to get thousands of new applicants every year. To date over 8 billion pounds has been paid to cardholders which is a lot for a lender who is not a bank.

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Cashplus Flexiplus Card

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Cashplus Flexiplus Card
6th Floor, One London Wall, London EC2Y 5EB

Tel: 0871 277 5599

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Cashplus Flexiplus Card

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