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Cashplus Prepaid Card Review - Cash Plus Freedom Cards

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Cashplus Prepaid Card Review - Cash Plus Freedom Cards

Cashplus Prepaid Card Review

Cashplus review on Cash Plus Freedom card is the most trusted prepaid MasterCard on the market and is the only Gold prepaid card account available. Credit cards took the market in its stride during it introduction days. People started signing up to these credit card companies and banks in lure of offers and ads that highlighted one main thing – no need to carry cash everywhere.

This attracted the people and without checking out all ups and downs they registered for this. But soon it was noted that signing up for a credit card was a bad idea. The excess expenditure took many people into debts and resulted in running their credit history. In such a situation, the concept of debit cards was introduced. And nowadays online debit cum prepaid cards which are part of the huge online remittance market is trending among people. Cashplus MasterCard Prepaid Cards are also a link in this chain.

The Cashplus MasterCard Prepaid Cards is a good way to manage your funds and make some concrete savings.

CashPlus Freedom

A sure can recharge the CashPlus Freedom Card with whatever amount he or she wants (within recharging limits) and then all payments, transactions or withdrawals are made through that money loaded on your Cashplus card account.

Cashplus is a better way than a debit card because here there’s no chance of going into debt or facing a credit crisis. The user cannot make payments out of money capacity. Another benefit of this CashPlus MasterCard card is that the user need not provide any credit history and this eliminates problems caused by poor credit history.

Top Up Information


Free Reload OptionsCost of ServiceTimescales to hit Prepaid Account
Reload by Debit CardFreeInstantly hits account
Reload by WagesFree1 - 3 days
Reload by BankFree1 day
Reload by Cashplus OutletsFree30 Mins to hit account
Reload by Post OfficeFree30 Mins to hit account

Reload options where fees are charged

Cashplus Freedom loading limits

Max Prepaid Card Limit:£5000.00
Max Pre-paid Card Load Amount:£5000.00
Min Pre paid Card Load Amount:£10.00
Max ATM Prepaid Withdrawal:£400.00

Usage Charges

Cashplus Prepaid Card

Prepaid Card Application Fee:£5.95
Additional Cash Plus Cards:£5.95
Prepaid Card Annual Fee:Free
Purchases in UK:Free
Using your card overseas purchases:2.99%
Monthly Service Fee:Fee free
ATM fees in UK:Fee free UK
ATM fees overseas:£3.00 per ATM withdrawal overseas
Cashplus Cancel charge £10.00
Cashplus Replacement Card Fees:£5.95

Prepaid Card Balance Inquiry

SMS Alerts £0.25
Telephone Banking:£0.10 per minute
Online BankingFree

How to Apply

CashPlus Freedom Card

How to Open a Cash Plus Account

Need to know how to open a current account with Cashplus? It’s easy! Cashplus is an incredible banking service that helps
people save money, be it for business or personal use. The CashPlus account provides its customers with different options apart from direct like to your bank accounts. It’s also really easy to sign up for a Cash Plus current account. The online current accounts, mobile app and debit Mastercards make Cashplus an amazing bank.

The Cash Plus website is very user-friendly and simple to use. On the home page, you are given the option to apply for a
business account or a personal account – simply click the button to take you to the application process. For a personal account, you will be required to fill in certain details; most of these are typical of any bank account. The online form should take around three minutes. The required fields include your title, first and last name, date of birth, e-mail address, mobile number and current
address. Of course, you will also need to read and agree to the terms and conditions, just to make sure you are aware of the bank’s policies. The accounts can be easily accessed at any point. Its free to all the users.

After filling in the form, you will be asked a few additional questions. This includes whether you already have a UK bank account, and what you will be using your Cashplus card for. Then, you can select whether you want to be contacted by third parties for relevant information regarding Cashplus and any special offers. There is a small card fee of £5.95 for signing up, but once you have confirmed this then the process is very simple.

This application process is so simple because there is no credit check required to open your account. In addition, approval is guaranteed once you are verified, and then your account number and sort code will be ready to use instantly.

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Company Details

Cashplus Freedom Card

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Cashplus Freedom Card
Cashplus 6th Floor, One London Wall, London EC2Y 5EB

Tel: 0871 277 5599

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Cashplus Freedom Card

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