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Bread Prepaid Card Review - Bread4scrap Prepaid MasterCard

Bread Prepaid Card Review - Bread4scrap Prepaid MasterCard

Bread Card Review

Bread prepaid card, Review pay as you go based prepaid credit card where you get free usage, limited or no charges when using prepaid MasterCard account. There are many good prepaid cards available in the online marketplace nowadays and the customer has, hence, been provided with many options to choose from. I agree that each card has something unique about itself which acts as its USP and attracts a selected group of people towards it. Along with advantages, each card has its own set of disadvantages also and this helps the customer make an informed choice. I have tried various kinds of prepaid cards online and each card had something good about it that I could recommend to others. Bread Prepaid Card is the only prepaid card I have encountered yet which I can easily tell anyone to skip and miss without any hesitation.

Bread prepaid card is a fairly new name and surprisingly they haven’t added any extra feature other than the usual that should have attracted many customers. Like many cards of today the Bread Prepaid Card has a very easy application process and all you need to do is to provide identification verification and probably residential verification also but other than that you don’t need to pass any kind of credit checks which makes it easy for a person with poor credit history in the past to avail a prepaid card and handle their funds. This surely is a good feature but now that it is available in almost all prepaid cards it doesn’t actually catch my attention.

The top – up process is also simple. You can top – up the card through a Debit Card or with cash at any PayPoint location. If this also creates problems, then you can have your card recharged at any local post office. All post offices are covered under their recharge policy and you don’t need to locate and zero into one of them. You never need to be worried about going into debts or incurring overdrafts as you can only spend the amount of money with which you have loaded your card.

Top Up Information

Bread Card

When you top up your bread prepaid card you may be charged a fee depending on the top up provider.

Top Up for FreeApplicable ChargesTimescale for available funds
Debit CardFreesame day
wages / benefitsFree3 - 5 days
Top up by BankFree1 day
Post OfficeFreeSame day
Chargeable top Up options
Paypoint3% sames day

Bread Card Limitations
Max bread card Limit:£3500.00
Max bread single Load Amount:£3500.00
Min bread card Amount:£10.00
Max bread ATM Withdrawal:£250.00

Usage Charges

Bread Prepaid Card

Bread cards have some charges and these fees vary. The Bread charges apply from transactions to ATM withdrawals!

Bread Application Fee:£7.50 (£10 if paying by SMS)
Additional Bread Card:£4.50
Annual Fee:Free
Bread Transaction Fees UK:2%
Overseas charges:2.75%
Monthly Service charges by bread:Free
UK bread ATM charges:£1.50 per ATM cash withdrawal in the UK
Bread ATM fee overseas:£1.50 per cash withdrawal using abroad
Cancel bread account £10.00
Replacement Bread Card:£10.00
Balance and account control
SMS Alerts Free
Telephone banking:£0.10 per minute
Online banking:Free

You can use your BREAD Card to share money with people who live abroad. Just order a secondary card, and then post this to your family member or friend. Then you can share your money with them. They will be able to spend using the card or make cash withdrawals from ATMs in their home country. Sharing money within one transaction will cost £1.50, regardless of the amount.

How to Apply

Bread Prepaid Card Review

The decision to accept will only be made by Bread prepaid card after they have taken your details, confirmed your ID and received payment.

You could have your new Bread Card sort code and account number in seconds and your Bread prepaid MasterCard will be delivered 5 to 7 days later.

To apply for your new Bread account simply complete the short application below and Bread Card will open the account for you instantly. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for this account.

  • Please select your title.
  • First name is required.
  • Last name is required.
  • Please enter a valid email address.
  • Please enter either home or mobile number.
  • Gender is required.
  • You must live in mainland UK to apply for an account.
  • Select if you have lived at your current address for three years or not.
  • Terms and Conditions apply. Please read and agree to them.
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