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Acorn Prepaid Cards - Acorn Prepaid Bank Accounts

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Acorn Prepaid Cards - Acorn Prepaid Bank Accounts

Acorn Prepaid Bank Accounts which are a prepaid bank card. Hence, where you track online to manage your money and improve your credit record too.

Online Eccount?
The acorn account gives you an online account.  Consequently Having an online account allows you to access your bank account 24/7/365. Being able to access your account online allows you to manage your account with ease. Paying bills, check transaction history and print bank statements. Also, an online Eccount allows you to avoid going into a bank or speaking over the telephone, So saves you a lot of time.

Access Mobile Eccount?
The acorn account accessible on your mobile phone, therefore allowing you to access your bank account on the move. Therefore, enabling you to check your balance when out and about, Also, ensuring you have the funds whilst your shopping etc. If low on funds whilst on the move, you are also able to transfer funds by sending a text message through SMS.

Eccount Switching How It Works?
Want to switch your accounts? All you need to do is contact acorn on 0871 811 1881. (Calls cost 11p per minute, plus phone company's access charge). And will switch this over the phone and use the Current Account Switch Service. However, note that recurring payments, also known as continuous payment authorities not part of the guarantee. So, These are set up using your debit card details, rather than your account number and sort code. So if you switch to an Acorn Account. You will need to inform the relevant companies regarding your new card details to ensure that they are able to take payments.

Top Up Information

Acorn Prepaid Card

In addition to the acorn account, you will receive a prepaid card which can be used in most retailers and in card transactions. Being a debit card widely accepted, wherever you see the MasterCard tick.

  • A minimum amount of initial load £10.00.
  • Maximum initial load £1,250.00.
  • Maximum card balance £5,000.
  • Usage Restrictions.

  • For full details please refer to Terms and Conditions.
    Ongoing Features.

Balance enquiry.

  • 15p per balance enquiry by SMS.
  • FREE to load your card, charged to send to 60777 at your usual network rate.
    Top-up fees and limits.

  • Maximum single load £1,250.
  • FREE replacement PIN.
  • £10.00 Acorn Account closure.
  • Expiry Card valid for 3 years.

Usage Charges

Acorn Prepaid Card Usage Fees

Acorn does not charge you for using your card in any UK transaction. Also, a charge when you withdraw monies from a UK cash machine- this fee is £1.50.Card issue fee.

  • FREE (Please see Terms and Conditions).
  • Additional card fee - £5.00 per month, maximum 1 additional card available.
  • Monthly Fee £9.95.
  • Transaction fees
  • 2.75% of the transaction value per purchase transaction outside the UK

  • Cash withdrawal fees.
  • £1.50 for ATM withdrawals within the UK.
  • £3.00 plus 2.75% of the transaction value for ATM withdrawals outside the UK.
  • £5.00 for a cash advance within the UK.
  • £5.00 for a cash advance outside the UK.

  • FREE replacement PIN.
  • £10.00 Acorn Account closure.
  • Expiry Card valid for 3 years.

Also, Convenience of an Acorn Account Debit MasterCard card. So you can use it to shop or withdraw money at home or abroad. However, you need to be wary of the fees when you are withdrawing funds. Additionally, you can add a second person to an Acorn account. This option an additional £5 per month. Note that the balance shared between both cards.

How to Apply

Acorn Bank Account

Consequently, To apply for an Acorn account is easy, you just need your identity and residency verified. So This done by confirming your full name, date of birth and address. Also, Please note that Acorn does not carry out credit checks. So, You just fill out an online application form and an advisor from Acorn will contact you. And your account opened within minutes of applying.

Access Telephone Account?
The telephone access account allows you to check your balance over the phone 24hours a day, 7 days a week. Able to check your balance and if you require it. Transfer monies onto your card; all you need to access this service is your 16 digit card number.

FAQs What It Costs?
The acorn account costs £14.50 per month, this cost gives you the ease of managing your finances at your convenience and hassle-free. So, You get access to all of the banking facilities from online banking, mobile access, and telephone banking. Furthermore, access to the telephone support team whenever you need any assistance.

In the unfortunate event that you have insufficient funds in your Billing Account to cover a standing order or direct debit. Notified by text 5 working days in advance to allow you to deposit funds so you do not incur charges.

Additionally notify you 2 days before payment too. Acorn will continue to notify you until you deposit the funds into your account. To help ensure you do incur further charges. Up until 5 pm. The text alerts are free (network charges may apply) helping you manage your money for no extra cost. Also keeping you informed of direct debit charges. There no account opening fee; you just pay the monthly in advance.

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