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Top Ten Prepaid MasterCards - MasterCard Prepaid Cards

Application Fees
Transaction Fees
Monthly Fees
ATM Charges
Topup Fees
Cashplus Freedom Card
Application Fee: £4.95
Transaction Fee: no-uk-atm-fee, no-uk-pos
Monthly Fee: First 3 months free then £2
ATM Charges: First 3 months free then £2
Top Up Fee: Free - £3 for Epay
U Account Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, no-uk-pos, uk-atm-fee
Monthly Fee: £5
ATM Charges: £0.50
Top Up Fee: Free
Soldo Family Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, foreign-transaction-fee, no-uk-pos, uk-atm-fee
Monthly Fee: £2.00
ATM Charges: £0.50
Top Up Fee: Free
Tuxedo prepaid Card
Application Fee: £9.95
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, foreign-transaction-fee, uk-atm-fee, usa-atm-fee, usa-transaction-fee
Monthly Fee: £4.99
ATM Charges: In the UK £0.50 - £2.25 Abroad
Top Up Fee: Free - 3%
Ffrees Family Account
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, uk-atm-fee
Monthly Fee: Free*
ATM Charges: UK £0.75 - EU £3.00 - Elsewhere £2 + 1%
Top Up Fee: Free
Card One Banking
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, foreign-transaction-fee, no-uk-pos, uk-atm-fee
Monthly Fee: £12.95
ATM Charges: £1.50 - £3.00
Top Up Fee: Free - £2.00
icount Pay Monthly Card
Application Fee: £4.95
Transaction Fee: no-uk-atm-fee, no-uk-pos
Monthly Fee: £9.95
ATM Charges: £0.50 UK - £1.50 abroad
Top Up Fee: Free (except cheque, which is minimum £4.50)

Top 10 Prepaid MasterCard

What is a Pay Monthly Prepaid MasterCard?
Carrying around huge amount of cash gives different danger possibilities. Because of this, credit cards, debit cards, and other kinds of cards have been used in various transactions. Being less hassle, smooth, and easy in any situations, this adds up to the beneficial use of these Prepaid MasterCard's.

Different financial organizations that control credit cards under a brand like MasterCard are responsible for this comfort of dealing with money but do not produce credit cards. This operates together with banks and credit card companies to give users the comfort in any financial transactions. MasterCard is one of the major credit cards that are accepted throughout the globe thus, paying using this is beneficial. 

Top 10 Prepaid MasterCards

There are ways on paying up these Prepaid MasterCard credit cards and one is by pay monthly. Pay monthly or installments is a way of MasterCard to help consumers pay their expenses and transactions in a more convenient manner. This works by dividing the total transaction amount into several numbers of months and pay it monthly including interest rate. 

How to open a Prepaid MasterCard Account?
Requirements needed for opening a MasterCard account don't have much of a difference regardless of the banks holding those accounts. Mostly, opening an account needs a valid ID and one's proof of income as a statement that one can pay the balances. Others may need additional or supplementary documents like certificate of birth.

Having all the requirements at hand, opening an account is as easy for one just have to go to their bank of choice. From there, bank professionals will guide and help. 

Pros and Cons of the top ten Prepaid MasterCard's?
Having a MasterCard gives you the joy of living the moment without thinking if enough cash is at hand. Because of the buy now pay later method of MasterCard; everyone feels the need to own one. Also, it gives one the confident in doing transactions. Buying online without depending to cash on delivery options is also made easy by it. 

However, just like there is black and white, MasterCard has its downside. In stores that don't accept MasterCard, having no-cash is a problem. Also, for those who have control issues, things bought and transactions made might have become a bad habit that could lead them to be in huge debt. Lastly, in emergency cases where cash are most needed, Mastercards don't have any value at all.

What fees apply to the top ten Prepaid MasterCard's?
During application, a certain amount is paid such as application fees and payments for card making. Aside from the payment during application, the sustainability of a credit card is due to different charges one has to pay and example are annual fees, penalty rates, and an interest rate added to a transaction made. 

Top Ten Prepaid MasterCard

How can this help me save money?
MasterCard credit cards allow account holders to make a deposit. Most of the time, a deposit is limited to the maximum amount a card could spend. So if one doesn't have a saving account, making it a deposit into MasterCard makes it an instant savings card. 

Can money from one MasterCard be transferred to another MasterCard?
It is very possible to transfer money from one MasterCard to another MasterCard. Online services are available for this process. An account holder just needs to follow steps to be able to transfer cash from one account to the other.

Can money be transferred from banks to my MasterCard?
This is also very possible. Just like MasterCard to MasterCard, online transactions depending on your bank allows online process to save one the hassle of making a transfer in an account. 

Can the balance of my account be refunded to me?
Yes, refunding is allowed. This happens when an account holder is overcharged. However, the process of this may take a couple of days. 

How much money can I withdraw off my MasterCard from a ATM?
The withdraw limit of a card refers to the card type and provider. 

When will my prepaid MasterCard arrive after completing the application?
There is no specific time in claiming of cards but it takes up to at most 7 business days.

How do I get a reminder of my MasterCard pin number?
Some banks don't have access to users' pins for security reasons. To get a reminder of your pin, try contacting your bank, or keep a note of your own, privately. 

How can i top-up my MasterCard?
A user can top-up in his or her card via online or at the bank. 

Can I get additional cards to give to my family or friends?
Yes you can get up to 4 prepaid MasterCard's on one account, Some companies can offer 6 cards on one account. Other banks don't have to have additional cards but instead cardholders add their families on the list of beneficiaries. 

How can I renew my MasterCard?
Card renewals happen in the bank that provides you MasterCard card. The process could be different for each bank

My MasterCard has been declined in an Automated petrol pump what do I do?
Your prepaid MasterCard will always declined at automated petrol pumps you should pay at the window. If it was tried a million times, try using another card. If not, pay in cash. Trying your card too many times will get it blocked and held.

Can I use my Prepaid MasterCard to book a hotel?
Yes. Based on paying for the full balance at the end only, If you use your card for pre payment then they will ring fence your funds. Some hotels offer online bookings and thus have credit card payment options. In over the counter transactions, most hotels also accepts card in payments.

How do I check my card balance and do I get a statement?
Due to technology advancements, many banks have made mobile apps and websites to help their account holders have access to their own account 24/7 and that includes checking balances and statements. All statements are produced online and you can print them off if you need.  

Can I transfer the balance from my existing MasterCard to a new MasterCard?
Absolutely, old balances can be transferred to a new one.

How do I order a New Prepaid MasterCard Online?
Ordering a new MasterCard online maybe because of different reasons such as lost, damaged, or stolen. The process of getting a new card can be done by online processing using your existing account, or you could go directly in the bank and ask for assistance. 

Where can the top ten Prepaid MasterCard's be used?
MasterCard's are used anywhere that has access in extracting payments from a card. May it be in restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc. 

Top Ten Prepaid MasterCards

Opting for a good credit card is always a cumbersome process. Pay Monthly Prepaid MasterCard depends on how good you have your credit history and how you wish to utilise your Prepaid MasterCard credit card. Natwest has come out with a competitive Prepaid MasterCard card, which allows flexible transaction modules.

Who can apply for a Pay Monthly Prepaid MasterCard card?
You must be aged over 18 years with an income of 100 pounds. If you are already have a top ten Prepaid MasterCard's account holder, you can still apply for another account card in fact you can apply and own as many prepaid MasterCard's as you want.

MasterCard's Online Banking

  • You can request a printed statement online.
  • Stay informed on your balances and transfers
  • Pay a bill with your credit card
  • You can request for a credit line increase.
  • Get a pin reminder.
  • Request for an additional card.
  • You can change your address online.
MasterCard Prepaid Cards

Now you can book holidays with a Prepaid MasterCard, air tickets and plan your holiday budget as you wish using a Prepaid MasterCard.