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Top 10 Bulgaria Currency Cards - Bulgarian Lev Travel Money Cards

Application Fees
Transaction Fees
Monthly Fees
ATM Charges
Topup Fees
Caxtonfx Global card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: no-foreign-atm, no-foreign-pos
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: Free - £1.50
Top Up Fee: Free
Net+ Bulgarian Lev Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, no-foreign-pos, no-uk-pos, uk-atm-fee
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: 9 BGN in UK - 2.95% abroad
Top Up Fee: Free - 1.75%
Tuxedo Travel Money Card
Application Fee: £19.95 & £10.00 goes onto the card
Transaction Fee: no-foreign-atm, no-foreign-pos
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: £1.50 €1.50 $2.00
Top Up Fee: Free - 4%
Weswap Prepaid Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, foreign-transaction-fee, uk-atm-fee, uk-transaction-fee
Monthly Fee: None
ATM Charges: Free above £200
Top Up Fee: None
FairFX Anywhere Card
Application Fee: Free
Transaction Fee: foreign-atm-fee, no-foreign-pos
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: 1.5%
Top Up Fee: Free - 1.5%
Tuxedo Travel Money Card
Application Fee: £19.95 & £10.00 goes onto the card
Transaction Fee: no-foreign-atm, no-foreign-pos
Monthly Fee: Free
ATM Charges: £1.50 €1.50 $2.00
Top Up Fee: Free - 4%

Top 10 Bulgaria Currency Cards to buy. What is the cheapest Bulgarian Lev Prepaid MasterCard offering the best Travel Money exchange rates and free top-up fees?

So, With a Bulgarian Lev currency card, you can be able to withdraw from ATM. In addition, shop online and do some other important purchase on the internet. Also, A Bulgaria Lev Net+ prepaid card is one of the best options to use.

Opening an account - process, and requirements:
First of all, To get a quick approval, it is important to certify some basic requirements of a Bulgaria Net+ prepaid card. Choose your country of permanent resident or citizenship. You should be at least eighteen years old to apply for this card. Also, It is a good idea to start with a free Neteller virtual account. Users will have to send their ID and proof of residence to be verified for this card.


  1. Rewards program available.
  2. No credit check required.
  3. There no bank account needed


  1. The card issuer is not from Bulgaria.

What the exchange rate and importance?
Knowing the exchange rate will help users determine how to use their funds. It will also help you understand when and how to load and use your money.

What fees apply:
The card is issued for free. Transaction and annual fees are free. Consequently, there is a zero monthly service fee.  Therefore, You will have to pay 2.95% each time you withdraw cash. Both replacement card fees and cancellation are thirty Bulgarian Lev each.

Cheapest Bulgaria Currency Cards

Is it possible to save me money?
Without much deliberation, it is clear that you will save a lot of money when using this card. Annual and transaction fees are free. Card issuance and monthly service fee remain free. With this, you will be able to save more money.

Transfer money from one card account to another?
There is no additional card feature in the Bulgaria Lev Net+ prepaid service. This means that you cannot transfer money from one card to another.
Can I transfer money from my bank to my card:
Yes, you can transfer money from your bank account to load the card.

Can I have the balance on my account refunded to me?
Users will have to check the TOS of the service before engaging in any transactions.

How much can I withdraw from an ATM?
Your daily ATM withdrawal limit is 1500 Bulgarian Lev.

When will my card arrive?
After application, your card will arrive within 3-5 working days by a courier service.

How do I get a reminder of my PIN?
You are encouraged to memorize your card PIN.

What is the current rate?
The current rate of the BGN is 0.45819 GBP, 0.60617 USD, 0.76136 CAD, and 0.51112 Euro.

Best Bulgarian Lev Prepaid Card

How can I top up my card?
Card users can top up their card in several ways. High Street Bank, Epay, Also, Instant Bank Deposit, standing orders and SMS load are ways to top up your card.

Where Currency Card accepted?
This currency card used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Can I get additional cards for Family and Friends?
No, because this service does not support additional cards.

What is the Currency Card Costs?
There no cost attached to applying for the card, it's free.

How can I renew my card?
Users will receive notification before the card expires to make a quick request for renewal.

The card has been declined at an automated petrol pump:
Your card may not have sufficient fund in it.

Can I use the Card to pre-book a hotel?

How to check your card balance and statement?
You can check your card by via the internet for free and for a long distance, additional charges may ensue.

I have a balance on my old card can it be put on my new card?

How do I order a new card?
Users can simply contact support for a new card is necessary.

Using the card?
The card used in any centre where MasterCard accepted and the card also used at POS and online shopping platforms.