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Started with Pay as You Go Cards. There are so many types of prepaid cards on the market to choose from so its not that hard to find a prepaid that will suit your needs, you can use our website to find a whole list of prepaid cards that are listed via their account types so its easy to find but if your not sure try using a PAYG card first as you only spend what you load.

Top it up and go! All about pay as you go prepaid cards. It is as easy as that. Much like you get a top up on your mobile phone and use it until the balance is over. You only need to load a specified amount on your prepaid card and use it for financial transactions such as for shopping.

Making payments and so on. Once you run out of amount, you top it up again. This is the greatest feature in pay as you go cards. It is like, what you load on the card is what all you can spend on the card.

Cheapest Pay As You Go Cards

It looks more like a credit card but the beauty of these pay as you cards is that you do not need to have an excellent credit history. Because never caught in repayments or bills. Every amount directly deducted from the card so you never need to worry about your poor or no credit.

Pay as you go cards are a much safer option than carrying plenty of cash in hand. In case stolen or misplaced. The ability to get it blocked by the issuant.

These prepaid cards are also a great way of sharing money as you can easily get a second card. In addition given to family or friends so that they could also access the funds.

You will find a variety of online stores offering such prepaid cards at affordable rates. Furthermore, End number of offers attached to every pay as you go card that you can look for. So, it's worth shopping around before making a final choice. Advised to do a financial comparison among various sites in order to avail the best Pay as you go cards for yourself.