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Quidity Prepaid Card

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Quidity Maestro card

3 star card Rating

– the convenience of plastic without the credit!

Quidity Card – In association with The Mirror.

– Available to those aged 10 years and over. (Parental consent is required for those under 14.)

– No Credit Checks and instant approval.

– Pay for your Quidity card via SMS text message.

– Just top it up with cash and use it like a pay as you go mobile phone.

– Safe and secure – perfect for online shopping

– Quidity is accepted worldwide anywhere you see the Maestro brand mark.

– Unlike many other prepaid cards there is no monthly fee, you only pay a small charge for the services as and when you use your card.

– There is an initial one off joining fee of just £5.00 and then an annual fee of £4.95 which will not be charged until you first time you top up your card.

– It is simple to apply and you will receive your card within 7-10 days

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