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Accountnow offer a pay as you go card that is a prepaid visa card available in the USA, see all the cards on offer by Account now.

Accountnow is an alternative to a bank account.

AccountNow comes as Prepaid MasterCard or Prepaid Visa Card that works similar to an online basic bank account which is available to US citizens only.

All Account Now prepaid cards have the word "DEBIT" imprinted on the prepaid card that is because it works in the same manner as a bank issued debit card from a traditional basic bank account. With an Account Now prepaid MasterCard or Prepaid Visa Card you make purchases and withdraw cash and never have to worry about being in the red in an overdraft because you control how much you load and that controls how much you spend.

Accountnow can save you money.

If you are looking for an alternative then AccountNow can save you money by avoiding using a check cashing fees by direct deposit when you get paid from your employer. With the Account Now Prepaid MasterCard or Prepaid Visa card there is no charge for doing direct deposit so you are always saving money as you will never have to pay to cash your pay check or state benefits.

Account Now will never charge you any late fees or overdraft fees. No need to pay for postage or money orders when you use our easy Online Bill Pay Service.

AccountNow Safer than cash.

Your AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard or Prepaid Visa card is protected against fraud with the Visa Zero Liability policy and the MasterCard Zero Liability policy where this facility protects your account from unauthorised charges being made to your prepaid card in case your card is lost or stolen.

Plus with Account Now its 100% approval (Subject to ID verification) where Account Now Prepaid Visa Card or Prepaid MasterCard accept you even if you have bad credit history or no credit at all.

AccountNow Prepaid Card do not do a credit check with a credit bureau so even if your banking history isn’t great your still eligible to get AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard or Prepaid Visa card.