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Soldo Family Card - One Prepaid Card Account for All the Family

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Soldo Family Card - One Prepaid Card Account for All the Family

Soldo - The Family Spending Account

Whether you’re a party of one, or a family of seven, Soldo’s Mastercard prepaid cards and accompanying app make it easy to streamline your budget and manage your spending. Create multiple users and give a Soldo Mastercard prepaid card to anyone in your household aged 8 and up. The cards will come embossed with their names, but you’ll control the purse strings. If your children have smartphones, they can download the app too, and learn as they spend.

For you, the prepaid account holder of Soldo you gain a smart way to separate day-to-day spending from the monthly bills that your current account takes care of. Plus, your au pair finally has an easy and secure way to buy groceries or cinema tickets to keep your kids happy, whatever the weather. Soldo allows you to tailor card settings and budgets to fit each member perfectly, giving you priceless peace of mind.

Managing your Soldo Mastercard prepaid cards

Healthy spending habits are the key to staying in the black at any age. With Soldo, you can set daily, weekly, or monthly budgets for each individually; increasing, decreasing and even lifting them, instantly. Your children will learn good money habits within the comforting boundaries of your ultimate control.

Safeguard your Cards

With a Soldo Mastercard prepaid card, your money is safer than ever. Just one tap in the Soldo app lets you allow or prevent:

► online transactions
► cash withdrawals
► overseas transactions

Your Soldo Balance: real-time, all in real-time

With Soldo, what’s on the app is what’s on the card – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your money and its account journey used is laid out clearly for you every time you open the app. No more waiting for your statement at the end of each month.

Transfer money instantly between family members, for free

You wouldn’t expect to pay a fee every time you give your child a ten-pound note, and we think the same principles should apply to virtual money. Using Soldo to transfer money from your card to your child’s is child’s play, instant, and doesn’t cost a penny.
The Soldo app and the psychology of budgeting. The app is what really sets Soldo apart from other prepaid Mastercard cards.

You can get your calculator out, draw up a spreadsheet, and factor in the various fees to help you pick the best prepaid Mastercard. BUT what doesn’t fit on a spreadsheet is the psychological aspect of managing your spending budget. The psychological aspect of budgeting is what consistently trips us up, even when our outgoings should easily match our income.

Top Up Information

Soldo Family Spending Account - A Prepaid Card for All the Family
This is where Soldo’s app for using your prepaid card account.
It’s not enough just to segregate your day-to-day spending from your monthly bills. If you really want to safeguard your budget, you need a stronger fortress – and one that is easy to build (and maintain).
The Soldo app keeps you on track, effortlessly
Once you’ve loaded your Soldo account with your regular monthly budget (it’s free to set up a monthly standing order for this), you can tailor the app to fit your budget perfectly.

  1. Opt for spending notifications to keep you on your budgeting toes
  2. Set up a daily, weekly or monthly budget so that you never accidentally overspend
  3. View your balances and transactions in real-time, all the time
  4. Set a maximum amount per transaction to help you think twice before large purchases
    Your phone is always with you; your money should be too
    You shouldn’t have to open a computer and log in to a website to be able to control your own money. Your phone is always with you, and once you’ve got Soldo’s app, your money will be too. It’s effortless and fits in seamlessly with everything else that your phone can do.
    Stay safe from fraud by locking and unlocking your card in the app
    With Soldo prepaid card you don’t need to fumble about for card loss helpline numbers if the worst happens. All it takes is a single tap to lock or unlock your card, instantly.

Usage Charges

Soldo Prepaid Card issue fee

Contactless Soldo Card - Zero
Virtual Soldo card - Zero

Soldo Prepaid Card Usage fees

3 months Free then £2.00 per user per month
Cash withdrawal using Soldo family account - £0.50 UK
Cash withdrawal in EU - £1
Foreign currency exchange fee - Zero

Deposit fees for Soldo Card

Bank transfer Zero
Debit card £1 up to £100
£2 above £100 and up to £200

How to Apply

Soldo doesn’t carry out credit checks

As Soldo is a prepaid Mastercard card, there are no credit check hoops to jump through.

Join Soldo online in as much time as it takes to boil a kettle

You’ll receive your Soldo Mastercard prepaid card/s to your home address.

If you’re over 18, live in the UK and have a smartphone, you’re five minutes away from opening a Soldo account.

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Soldo Family Card

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Soldo Family Card
Soldo Ltd, BOX 324, 19-21 Crawford Street, W1H 1PJ London, United Kingdom

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Soldo Family Card

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