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Pay As You Go Card

  • Application Fee £5.00
  • Free Transaction Fee Free Transaction Fee
  • ATM Fee £2.75%
  • Contactless Cash

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Cashplus Active Cashplus

Rebuild Credit Building

  • Application Fee £4.95
  • Free Transaction Fee Free Transaction Fee
  • Monthly Fee £4.95
  • No fees for the first 3 months

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Best Prepaid cards

  • Free until 30th April Free until 30th April
  • Free Transaction Fee Free Transaction Fee
  • Monthly Fee £1.50
  • Voucher option available

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One Banking

Guaranteed bank accounts

  • No Application Fee No Application Fee
  • Transaction Fee 2.75%
  • ATM Fee £1.50
  • Guaranteed bank account

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Best travel money card

  • Min. Load €60, £50 or $75
  • Free Transaction Fee Free Transaction Fee
  • ATM Fee Fixed €1.50
  • 10% more travel money

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Prepaid Credit Cards - Compare Prepaid Cards - Pre Paid MasterCards

Prepaid credit cards are still a bit new to the UK. While they do look like debit card or credit card, there is a difference: You need to put money on to the account before you can use it. There are two major branded prepaid cards to choose from which are MasterCard prepaid cards or Visa prepay credit cards. Free Prepaid Credit Cards Guide

There are several types of prepaid credit cards, the pay-as-you-go card is ideal for anyone who just needs to pay a bill every now and then and there is the monthly charged prepaid cards, which charge a fee per month and allow reduced or no further fees.

Travel money card's are preloaded with the currency of your choice in advance. Once money is deposited onto your account, you can then use your prepay cards to purchase overseas. Travel money card's offer better rates compared to what you will find if you try to exchange cash or traveler's checks abroad. They are also safer and come with no transaction fees.

What is the best Prepaid Credit Cards Online - Compare Prepaid Cards

Compare Prepaid Cards UK, offers you a complete comparison of the prepay card's available in the UK. From pay-as-you-go card's to the money saving prepayment monthly card's, you choose the right prepayment option for you.

Best Buy Prepaid Credit Cards

You can also choose best prepaid cards UK which range from Pre paid MasterCard or Visa Pre paid card. Both extremely popular with those under 18 years and also over 18 years. Consider looking at our top 10 prepaid cards available, chosen by consumers on a regular basis. Most prepay card providers charge an application fee, but there are several prepaid cards varieties that are free to buy.

Remember that not all prepaid credit cards are the same, so you should choose a prepay credit card's that fits your needs; because pre paid card providers offer guaranteed acceptance, as long as proper ID is provided, even those with bad or no credit can apply for debit card.

To qualify for a pre-paid debit card's is simple as there is No credit check to be completed once the application and purchase fee is paid for the prepayment pre-paid card's. Topping up the prepaid cards is simple as the prepay card issuer will provide you a list of top up locations for cash payments and with debit or credit cards these can be completed online.

We are the first website to provide consumers with a complete list of pre-paid credit card available in the UK. Considering which pre-paid credit card but not sure which one to get? Check out our top 10 list and find out more about the various prepay card's on offer. Plus we have created a guide to best prepaid cards UK, which is available for free with no application fee.

Best Prepaid Cards UK

With so many kinds to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right pre-paid card for your specific needs. For example, some newer prepay card's are available to anyone under 18 years of age, while others, such as prepay Visa or prepay MasterCard pre-paid card's, that are restricted to those over 18.

At Compare Prepaid Cards UK, we compare all of the Best Buy Prepaid Credit Cards in the market so you can make the best choice possible.

A good way to know whether or not a pre paid or pay as you go is right for you is to put together a weekly budget of expenditures and consider depositing that amount onto a non-reloadable voucher or pre paid pay as you go. You may find it a tremendously useful way to help you to stick to your spending plan.

What are Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid credit cards are not limited to gift card's; in fact, there is a huge variety of payment card's available to suit the needs of almost any consumer. Using a Contactless MasterCard, you can send money to family overseas, save for the holidays or just make purchases online.

Cash payment card's are perfect for managing your daily and monthly spending and can assist you in maintaining a budget. In addition, many retailers offer rewards on transactions made using a prepayment methods, giving you even more opportunities to save.

What is a Prepay Card?

In simple terms, Prepaid credit cards are cash card's that you preload with your own money. With your balance topped up, you can use to prepay as you would any normal credit card's, for example at a shop or even to withdraw cash at an ATM.

Prepay Reviewed and Compared

Need a guaranteed bank account, even when you have no money? Secure Trust bank have just launched the first ever guaranteed bank account in the UK. The account comes with a Secure Trust debit payment facility as well as an account manager.

A guaranteed bank account promises just that, regardless of their credit status, anyone can have a guaranteed bank account, even if you are bankrupt or going in to bankruptcy. Secure Trust Bank guarantee a bank account which comes with Debit MasterCard.

Top 10 listed Pre Paid Credit Card in the UK

If your prepay is the non reloadable type it means you can only spend the money or total funds you loaded on to the non reloadable card's once only. This means that once you have spent whatever funds that had been available, you will no longer be able to use the pre paid non reloadable facility. If you are thinking of buying prepaid credit cards use What Prepaid Cards

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